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Traffic Ticket Attorney and DUI Lawyer Defends All Traffic Tickets Including Speeding Tickets, Radar Tickets, License Suspensions, Warrants, DUI, Drunk Driving. Please call us at (866) 568-2936.

Fight All Criminal Charges and Traffic Tickets with the Help of Our Full-Service Law Firm

Law Offices of Robert B. Hakim is a firm that takes care of all your criminal defense cases. From traffic violations and drunk driving charges to domestic violence and white-collar crimes, we are here to help get a positive outcome. Contact us today in Los Angeles, California, for representation on your traffic tickets, felonies, or drug crimes.

Criminal Attorney

Behind Bars

Drug Crimes Include:

Possession & Sales | Transportation | Manufacturing

White Collar Crime Includes:

• Embezzlement & Counterfeiting
• Forgery, Extortion, & Bribery
• Perjury, Larceny, & Theft
• Receiving Stolen Property
• Telemarketing & Fraud
• Insurance Violations
• Tax Evasion/Avoidance

Tax Amnesties

White-collar crimes are typically committed by business people, professionals, entrepreneurs or public officials through deception, as opposed to street crimes that occur through the use of force or violence. Obviously, penalties vary considerably, but in most cases the prosecutor will actively pursue restitution. Whether or not jail is sought will depend on the particulars of each situation.

Sales of Narcotics

Selling drugs is big business, but not when the cops seize your money as the proceeds of crime in a Forfeiture Action (as well as filing criminal charges). In addition to defending your criminal case, our firm opposes forfeiture actions by proving your funds are clean to get you your money back! When you hire us, all your conversations are protected by attorney-client privilege. We make you feel comfortable and deal with any delicate issue carefully. No matter what you did or didn't do, you have a right to aggressive representation from a skilled, knowledgeable, and hardworking attorney.

Sex Crimes

Criminal defense attorney Robert B. Hakim, defends all sex crimes. The sentencing ranges for sex crimes vary tremendously, from probation to mandatory jail and prison terms. As important as defending your innocence is minimizing jail penalties and attaining possible sentencing alternatives.


Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes can be a gray area of criminal law, and include assault, terrorist threats, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and homicide. Often, trumped up charges are filed against a person who may have committed some kind of violent act or threat; however, he or she is not as guilty as charged, when all the circumstances are considered. Often, the best defense to these charges includes proving the circumstances to the court, and attaining sentencing alternatives to jail. Such alternatives are often helpful in any event. Crimes against a person include:

• Assault and /or Battery
• Murder
• Homicide
• Manslaughter
• Kidnapping
• Rape
• Sexual Offense
• Carjacking

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are different. Even if a "victim" wants to drop the charges, or stop them from being filed, the decision is not theirs to make. Whether or not charges are filed is in the sole discretion of either the district attorney or city prosecutor.

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